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Image of COVER 02 - C-Heads Magazine "Summer. Lovers and Strangers" Issue #33

COVER 02 - C-Heads Magazine "Summer. Lovers and Strangers" Issue #33

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Summer. Lovers and strangers. We might always remain strangers. But this summer we just want to be lovers.

release: Juni 2015
1200 copies limited
152 pages
21.8 cm x 27.6 cm x 1,0 cm
paperback / english / Offset printing Austria

incl. 2 postcards (2 motives)

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A talk with
Richard Kern

strangers, friends & summer stories
A journey through Brasil by Benjamin Askinas
Words by Kirsten Judson

A Film and Story by Lagoon Collective

A talk with
Teresa Oman photographed by Fox Harvard

every summer has a story
photography and words by Laura Kampman

my erotica
A place for erotic literature and discourse by Kate Eringer
photography by Rosaline Shahnavaz

A talk with
Chloe Nørgaard photographed by Justin Polkey

smells like you and me
photography by Caroline Mackintosh

A talk with
Bradley Soileau photographed by Nicole Anne Robbins

If I know what Love is, It is Because of You
Amina Blue photographed by Matt Adam

A talk with
Marianna Rothen

Love or
words by Kate Eringer - photography by Caroline Mackintosh

what does love sound like?
photography by Marcus Solomon

The Process Of What You Go Through
When You Talk To Someone You Like

A Story by Inny Taylor
photography by Carla Tramullas

we all start as strangers
photography by Palma Wright

Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.
photographed by Sophie Mayanne

A talk with
Ainsley and Sebastien of Sticks and Stones Agency
photographed by Janneke Storm

Cacia Zoo
photography by Sticks and Stones Agency

soul mates
photography by Felipe Cuartas

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